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Creating the perfect postcard with Touchnote

Postcards are great ways to share a little bit of your holiday/travels with your friends and family, and maybe make them a little jealous too. There are a plethora of postcards available when you reach your destination, including picturesque scenery, beautiful beaches, landmarks and the odd boob or sun-kissed bottom joke postcard.

We were thinking the other day though, in a world filled with online social communications and rise of smartphones and tablets … has the humble postcard seen its last day?

Don’t get me wrong, postcards are great and we don’t think we could capture the area in quite the same way. However, they are mass-produced and not very original in our opinion. We take a huge number of photos while away and many of us add them direct to Facebook and share choice snaps on Twitter. This wave of sharing and digitalisation of content has changed things.

We recently re-came across Touchnote, which is an application for iPhone, iPad and Android that allows you to send postcards direct from your mobile, best yet you can use your own photos. So rather then it being that stunning beach you spent most of the holiday on, it can be YOU on that stunning beach where you spent most of your holiday.

Another great feature of this app is that you don’t need to faff around with finding stamps, as it is all built into the £1.49 one off in-app payment. This is taken direct from your UK bank account, so no currency conversion charges, and it is shipped from within the UK. So your lucky recipient is likely to receive it within days of pressing send – unlike the usual two weeks! You can also send to other countries around the world for the same price, but perhaps with a slightly longer delivery time.


The result is a slick 300dpi res photo, with the usual postcard format on the reverse with your personal message and recipients address.

You can also use photos from your Facebook page or Instagram/Hipstomatic account – which means you can sharpen those snaps to look even more magnificent before sending.

The first time we received one of these was awesome, a mate on the beach in Australia, uniquely just for us. The app is easy to use and costs about the same as a postcard and stamp while you are away, so why not give it a go.

Touchnote effortlessly links the two worlds of old “snailmail” and new, hip and young social media with the app world – our grandparents are going to love receiving them! You can download the app for free now for Android, iPhone and iPad

How to use the app:

Step one: Choose your photo

Step two: Write your message

Step three: Add the address

Step Four: Review the final postcard

Step Five: Pay


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