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App Friday: Cut The Rope: Time Travel

iconThe cuddly monster known as Om Nom first graced our smartphones back in 2010 with the arrival of the original Cut The Rope. Since then he’s conquered the puzzles and obstacles of many a mysterious box, not to mention experimented with new tricks and tools of his own along the way, but now Cut The Rope creators ZeptoLabs have put together a brand new adventure which sees the little green, candy loving critter head back to his roots quite literally, with the arrival of Cut The Rope: Time Travel.

As you’d expect this new title is still all about delivering that distinctive red and yellow swirled candy to Om Nom, but now he has to share it with his ancestors, as in place of different boxes, the game takes place across time, from The Renaissance, to ancient Egypt and beyond. As you progress through the game, completing missions, you’re introduced to new characters: predecessors of Om Nom, all of which inhabit worlds with new game mechanics and puzzles to overcome.

Om Nom Egypt

The game itself underwent its international launch just yesterday and we were lucky enough to meet ZeptoLabs’ CEO – Misha Lyalin at the London launch party. The successes of Cut The Rope thus far have yielded more than 300 million downloads worldwide, versions on mobile, PC and online and talk of an animated series, as well the company stating that they’re already working on the next generation of CTR titles. Another key aspect which Misha brought to our attention was the inclusion of Om Nom Stories –  ten new episodes of the game’s animated mini series which help tell the story of Om Nom’s travels through time and the ancient relatives he meets.

The game’s art style is a blend of the same vibrant, colourful environments we’ve come to recognise from the series so far with the distinctive cartoon style best appreciated in HD. The character animations, as well as the movement of in-game elements feels slick, considered and polished, whilst the new mechanics bring a welcome new level of challenge, ultimately resulting in the same sense of achievement when cracking the more challenging puzzles.


As well as being sucked through wormholes from one time period to the next, Om Nom will have to deal with bombs, chains, spinning blades, spikes, trampolines and the more familiar mechanics to get through the whole game.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel hit both the Apple App Store and Google Play yesterday as well as becoming available on Amazon and Nook, with a price tag of 69p (or £1.99 for the HD version) on iOS and both a free and paid HD version (costing 62p) on the Play store. Om Nom’s journey through time spans some 75 levels (at launch) and will feature ten new episodes of Om Nom Stories along the way. We recommend you grab it now, before time runs out.


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