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CyanogenMod has removed its Installer app from the Play Store

CyanogenMod’s plan to reach a wider audience has been scuppered by Google. Android Central reports that the team behind the popular custom ROM were asked to remove their installation assistance app from the Play Store yesterday. Google’s issue wasn’t that the app itself was in violation of the terms of service, but that it easily leads users into voiding their warranty.

Image credit: dekoi2501

The app itself is fairly basic. It simply tells users to dive into their phone’s settings and enable USB debugging and ADB access so that the desktop installer can do its work without any extra attention. Still, Google has a point: anyone unsure of what they’re doing may find out the hard way that their device’s warranty is no longer valid if it ever needs repair.

CyanogenMod voluntarily removed the app from the Play Store, but it’s still available for download. Anyone wishing to use the team’s installation process, however, will need to sideload the app to their phone first.


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