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Dead Space jumps out onto your iPhone

Already 8th in the iTunes’ UK’s paid games chart, Dead Space for the iPhone and iPad attempts to fill in the gap between Dead Space, the hit PS3 and Xbox360 game, and its sequel, out today. This means you play a brand new story, filled with plenty of Dead Space-style craziness and scares.

A Horror-shooter, we played it with the headphones, as recommended, and it’s bloody nerve-wracking. The sound quality is great, and really puts you on edge as you try to sort out what’s happening around you.

The graphics are also stunning. We tried Dead Space on our ageing iPhone 3GS, and it still looks and moves great. Game controls aren’t displayed on screen, which makes sense given the lack of space available on a phone screen, and once the brief in-game tutorial is over, you really won’t need them.

You can access your items, a route-finder and options through a small icon in the top right corner, but that’s the only thing onscreen.

As you progress through the initial stages of the game, you’ll pick up various weapons, like the Plasma saw, good for cutting power circuits and hellish aliens, and kinesis, allowing you to manipulate objects from a safe distance, or simply clear a path.

In game, you’re able to buy upgrades to boost weapons, or get power cores to open up secret rooms and routes. It’s not necessary to complete the game, but would certainly help some gamers- like us.

We got spooked several times, almost sending our phone flying, but the game is relatively forgiving if you die and you’ll find chapters and checkpoints are well-placed, and also a very forgiving easy mode.

To tie-in with the latest game, if you register with EA, you’ll get a free upgrade in-game, and a ‘special unlock’ inside the console sequel, Dead Space 2.

The game has separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, with the iPad’s ‘HD’ version costing an extra £2.


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