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Good Deal: Get a Samsung Gear Fit when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Vodafone

Vodafone is offering a free Samsung Gear Fit with every Samsung Galaxy S5 bought online on any 3G or 4G plan before June 26th.

We like the Galaxy S5, it’s a powerful phone, it’s rocking the best revision of Samsung’s custom Android interface to date and it doesn’t suffer from any specific weakness (except for perhaps design, but that’s a very subjective trait).

Voda S5 Gear Fit deal

It’s already proven insanely popular too, outselling its predecessor by one million units in its first month of availability, according to Samsung. We here at Recombu are proud to claim the title of publishing the world’s first complete review of the Galaxy S5 too (humbleBrag).

If however you’re on the fence about laying down cash for Samsung’s top talker, take a look at Vodafone’s latest deal. You can nab yourself any Samsung Galaxy S5 on a 3G or 4G plan and, for a limited time, you’ll receive one of Samsung’s latest smartwatches, the Gear Fit, absolutely free.

Samsung launched the S5 with a focus on fitness, highlighted by the new SHealth 3.0 fitness tracking application and the phone’s integrated heart rate sensor. The Gear Fit pulls a lot of that functionality onto your wrist, letting you track a full day of activity effortlessly. It looks good, sporting a curved Super AMOLED touchscreen and fits comfortable on your wrist.

Functionality-wise, the Gear Fit can track your fitness and even your sleep activity, but in addition it serves as a great second screen for relaying notifications, giving you remote media controls for your music and it even works as a watch.

Vodafone’s offering this deal with any of its 12 and 24-month contracts and you can pick any colour of Galaxy S5 too. Here’s a link.

Think you might pick one up? Let us know, why or why not in the comments section below.


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