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Dell roadmap leaked: Ice Cream on the way!

WPCentral and Android Central have managed to get hold of Dell’s entire 2011 roadmap, revealing Android Ice Cream handsets, Windows Phone 7 sliders and even a Windows 8 tablet!

Much of what is on the way is the standard 1GHz Android/WP7 combo but there are a few releases later on in the year that have got us excited.

Take for example the Hancock; an Ice Cream powered dual-core handset with a 4” qHD screen, an 8MP camera on the back and 1.3 on the front and 1080p video capability.An even bigger alternative called the Millenium will arrive right at the end of the year with a 4.3” screen.

On the WP7 front the Wrigley is pretty exciting, including “Windows Phone 7 Next Gen” and a slideout keyboard.

Tablets are slightly different with the leak revealing slightly less spec-wise. The Rosemount will arrive mid-year and boast Windows 7 and a 1366 x 768 HD screen.

CES 2012 is when Dell’s tablets will get exciting, expect three annoucements including two   Honeycomb powered options; the Opus One and Silver Oak. Finally there is the Peju, a Windows 8 powered tablet.



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