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Dell Streak getting its helping of Android 2.2/Froyo and a new UI later today

It feels like everyone’s getting their helping of Froyo this week; yesterday we saw the HTC Magic (!) getting an Android 2.2 update and today it’s the Dell Streak’s turn.

Earlier today O2 tweeted that the Android 2.2 updates for the 5-inch touchscreen device would start to roll out “later on today”.

O2 also told us that people should start to receive updates this afternoon and that the rollout will be staggered, meaning not everyone will get it at the same time. But O2 added that every Dell Streak in the UK should have received the update by Friday.

Android 2.2 will bring all sorts of fun things to the Dell Streak such as USB and Wi-Fi tethering, improved app management, automatic app updating and faster web page load times to name a few.

We advise that you make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before you start the download to avoid any data charges. As with all system updates, we also advise you to back up everything in case something unfortunate happens on the way.

Twitter via Android Community


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