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Did Defying Gravity show off a future iPhone or Android handset?

Set in the year 2052, Defying Gravity is a show about people travelling through space on a mission involving mysterious objects and lots of interpersonal drama. The show was created and aired this year but ABC, the American TV network, decided to cancel it before DG’s season finale. Thankfully BBC 2 aired the entire first series and last night we caught a glimpse of something rather interesting during the last episode.

Peter Howitt plays the part of a mission-sceptical UK journalist and right at the end of the last episode he pulls out a cool touchscreen phone (pictured). Keep in mind that DG is set in 2052, so we wonder if this is what a future iPhone, Android handset or even Windows Mobile phone will look like? As you can see (iPlayer footage) it boasts a large screen and a cute shortcut menu that you can scroll through. We want one.

According to several blogs, the DG sets have been destroyed and the series is not going to make a comeback, so there’s no chance of seeing this beauty in action again – we’re trying to be strong.


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