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Disney Japan to release Android phone

Love Disney? Love Smarphones? Move to Japan!

You will struggle to find anywhere else in the world as obsessed with Disney and general cute-stuff as Japan. This love of all things lovely has manifested itself in the release of a Disney mobile phone. Details about the exact specifications of the handset remain small with Disney Japan only confirming Android 2.2 as an OS. Given the current smartphone landscape of Japan however it is highly likely the handset will be a pretty serious powerhouse.

Technology website Techcrunch has said that the handset looks pretty similar to the already released Sharp Galapagos 003SH. Specs of that handset include a naked-eye 3D touchscreen and 9.6MP CMOS camera.

Crucially those who embrace the Disney phone will be treated to a special address and choice of one of the cases below.


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