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Disney’s Epic Mickey digicomics come to iPhone and iPad

Disney Epic Mickey is a hugely-anticipated console game that will offer a less cutesy take on the Mickey Mouse franchise. To introduce it to gamers, Disney has launched a series of prequel comics – Tales of Wasteland – which have now been launched as an iPhone app.

Disney Epic Mickey Digicomics went live on the App Store last night, as a free download for iPhone and iPad – it’s a Universal application.

It includes one digicomic for free, and another five that can be downloaded as a bundle for an in-app payment of $2.99 – for now, the app appears to be only available in the US App Store.

Besides offering the comics, the app also has a section to introduce the characters, as well as a map of the Wasteland world, and a trailer for the main videogame. Disney is promising further updates with more content in the weeks to come.


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