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Dolphin Browser tested on an HTC Magic

Using the Dolphin Browser on an HTC Magic takes us back to our ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ classes (or rather, the time wasted playing that Harry Potter spellcasting game on Facebook last year).

As well as providing multiple tabs and an easy-to-use interface, Dolphin allows you to browse the web on your Android phone by a series of finger swipes.

Pressing the menu key when browsing pages brings up the grey gesture field. From here you can move forwards, back, refresh a site and head to the home page by moving your finger across the field using pre-set gestures.

Better still, you can head into settings and input your own gestures (pictured). When inputting your own gestures, it’s best to stick to patterns which consist of single unbroken lines and ones that aren’t too similar to each other.

Just remember that yelling “Twitticus Refreshica” whenever you’re refreshing your Twitter feed won’t make it work any faster.

We really like Dolphin Browser and we’re looking forward to trying it out on the Google Nexus One.

Dolphin Browser for Android is available to download from the Android Market now for free.


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