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“Don’t be a Glasshole”: A list of dos and don’ts direct from the Google Glass community

Google’s Glass Explorer community offer their advice on wearing Glass out and about. 

“Explore the world around you” is the first ‘do’ on Glass Explorer community’s ‘dos and don’ts’ list for wearing the device. Indeed, Google Glass is all about engaging with the world around you, whether it’s to find out the height of a mountain you’re about to climb or the time your flight will be taking off.

On the subject of engaging, taking advantage of Glass voice commands is another tip offered by Glass Explorers. With the device, you can let your voice do the work as your hands are free to do other things- whether this be cooking, golfing, styling your hair. 

However, users do warn against wearing Glass whilst doing high-impact sports. These can be water skiing, bull riding, or cage fighting (for all you water skiing, bull riding, cage fighters out there, sorry). The Explorers stress that Glass is still a piece of technology, so be careful and use your common sense.

Long-term Explorers also advise that you should treat wearing Glass as you would use a phone, in some cases. So don’t take a photo or film people without asking for permission first. This also leads into their second ‘don’t’ of being creepy or rude when using the device. The Explorers say you must respect others when wearing Glass, and don’t act rude or snappy if people ask you questions. If you’re in a place where mobile phones aren’t allowed, the same rules apply to using Glass, turn it off. 

Just as you would with your smartphone, it’s also advised to equip your Glass with a screen lock. This passcode protects the device to help prevent others from using it. Finally, the Glass Explorers encourage you to be an active and vocal member of the Glass Explorer community. This means giving feedback, sharing content, and communicating with the Glass team, that’s how the ‘do’s and don’ts’ were created in the first place.

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