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Don’t like the look of the iPhone 4? Turn it into an original iPhone

Following rumours that the iPhone 5 may well look a lot like the current No. 4, some may be put off but the glass and plastic backing. Fortunately, the internet can solve this problem, with some ‘retro’ stickers. (Can a four-year gap be technically retro?)

Sending your phone tumbling back to 2007, you can make it look like the original iPhone.

With no 3G network, and definately no FaceTime, the original iPhone managed to sell over 1 million within its first 90 days of launch, and started the rise and rise of Apple’s phone portfolio. Before its retirement, over 6 million handsets were sold.

Made ‘for those of us who loved and missed the retro iPhone look’, it promises to be easy to apply, and can be removed without leaving a mucky residue. It’s available from MacBook Decals, and it’ll only cost you about £6.21 ($10)

If you’re looking for other ways to transform your iPhone 4, take a look at our tutorial on how change it into a retro camera, or several more in our ironically retro accessories feature.


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