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Doodle Jump gets hi-res Retina graphics for iPhone 4

Sorry folks, there’s STILL no version of Doodle Jump for iPad. However, developer Lima Sky has released an updated version of its hugely popular iPhone game to support the Retina Display of iPhone 4.

Version 1.22 of the game offers hi-res visuals for three of the game’s themes – Original, Space and Underwater. According to Lima Sky, “We just couldn’t have you wait for all the retina display graphics to be finished, so we decided to give you this mini update…”

Apparently the full iPhone 4 update will be released soon, but for now v1.22 gives you a taste of how good the game will look. And that’s mighty good. The new update also includes some new sea monsters for the underwater mode, to give it a bit more challenge.

More than five million people have bought Doodle Jump since its original release, although it’s anyone’s  guess how many of them own an iPhone 4 to take advantage of the new whizzy graphics. Still, everyone can enjoy the sea monsters…


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