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Double the resolution: iPad 2 rumours

Alongside all the other rumours, hints and teases about The Next iPad, what about the new screen?

To make the iPad’s screen as dense as the iPhone’s would require a hefty increase in both processing power and battery life to keep the screen running.

The latest rumour suggests that the screen resolution would not be following the iPhone’s retina display, but would be doubled, up to 2048 X 1536 resolution.

Looking at the bookmark icons in Apple’s iBook app, icon versions included an iPad, an iPhone, an iPhone 4 (labelled iPhonex2; the phobe’s resolution was also doubled on the latest model) and one labelled “iPadx2”. If you follow the same pattern, this should mean a screen with four times the number of pixels

Though not as dense as the iPhone 4’s screen when it comes to dots per inch (DPI), by doubling the display, this should mean that older apps should work with minimum effort on the new iPad, with each pixel just expanded to four.

Via; Macrumors


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