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DoubleTwist demos new DoubleTap feature: Tap to share songs and videos

Back when Eric Schmidt announced that NFC would be replacing credit cards left right and centre, we were all like, ‘Maybe. But what would be really cool would be the ability to bump playlists.’

And it looks as though DoubleTwist will be the first Android music player that’ll allow to do just this. In this YouTube video, Jon from DoubleTwist demos the new Double Tap feature in action.

Jon simply taps one Nexus S next to another to transfer a song – the transfer begins almost instantly and takes just a few seconds to complete. It’s pretty incredible – check it out for yourself.

From the looks of the video, the AirSync add on is required for DoubleTap to work. AirSync costs around £3 from the Android Market, but the DoubleTwist player is available to download for free.

While we’re not quite sure how this would work out rights and ownership-wise, this video makes us wish there were more NFC-enabled phones coming out this year.

Source: YouTube


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