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Download Steam iOS and Android apps for free now (beta)

Steam, aka ‘iTunes for Games’ is headed soon to a phone near you. Well, an iPhone or Android phone to be precise; beta versions of Valve’s forthcoming Steam apps have appeared in the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

The main x-factor of these apps will be the ability to cash in on ‘unbeatable Steam sales’. So in an ideal world you’d be able to buy Left 4 Dead 2 or Battlefield 3 on offer while you should be doing some work or paying attention in class.

As well as acting a portable discount sales portal (pun intended), you’ll also be able to browse user profiles and chat with members of the Steam community on the go.

Right now, unless you’re part of the beta program there’s not a lot you can do just yet. But by downloading the app (check the links at the bottom) you’re implicitly expressing an interest in the program, so you ought to get an invite along the way. Until then, keep it in your pants, kids.

Source: Joystiq via Engadget


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