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Draw Race 2: Racing Evolved coming to iPhone this year

Draw Race 2: Racing Evolved is a sequel to cult hit Draw Race, although it looks like its had a complete overhaul ready for the iPhone 4’s retina display. Watch the sharp-looking trailer below.

Like the original, Draw Race 2 is a racing game all about the physics. We’re promised a choice of 16 cars, five different play modes and 32 different courses to race on.

There’s now turbo, a natural addition to any driving game sequel, and they’ve added five different race types, as well as a new world league and 180 challenges.

We expect the “racing line” control system will make a return; you’ll draw out where you want the car to go. Draw faster and you’ll go faster, slow down on the curves and you’ll set into a drift.

There will even be a “hot-seat multiplayer” where we assume players will each trace their own race-line, and then see who fares best.

The original DrawRace now boasts over one million players, with leader boards available nationally and globally. You can then get brutally ranked against players. The sequel looks set to be released this summer.


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