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Dual-core LG Star vs iPhone 4 punch up captured on video

And lo, a Star appeared on the 1st of December. This video from GSM Israel shows off the LG Star – one of the first dual-core Android phones – in action and compares its web browsing capabilities against those of the iPhone 4.

Sadly our Hebrew isn’t really up to scratch so there’s not a lot we can deduce from this video. But the bit you’ll want to really watch is around the 4.04 mark, when the Star/iPhone 4 browser fight happens.

When loading web pages, the LG Star doesn’t appear to be much faster than the iPhone 4. It’s a little choppy when scrolling through pages and not quite what we were expecting from a phone with a dual-core processor.

But then again we have to remember that this Star could be a prototype or early version and it’s running Flash as well. This model is also running on Android 2.2 – presumably if it had Android 2.3/Gingerbread it’d be a bit nippier.

The video also appears to support what we saw yesterday, that the LG Star will come with an HDMI port. It also looks like it has a pair of external stereo speakers on the bottom, one either side of the micro USB port.

Source: GSM Israel via Android and Me


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