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Dual-core Samsung Galaxy 2 and Sony Ericsson Anzu revealed: Nexus S to be dual-core too?

Russian blogging god Eldar Murtazin has claimed via twitter that he’s got his hands on an early copy of a Samsung Galaxy 2 that features a “technically advanced” dual-core processor. If his claims are to be believed then this potentially bodes well for the rumoured Google Nexus S.

A strong possibility is that the Galaxy 2 might be to the Nexus S what the HTC Desire is to the Nexus One. That is to say, the two phones will be virtually identical spec-wise but will run on different user interfaces, presumably stock Android (Nexus S) and Samsung’s TouchWiz (Galaxy 2), just as the Nexus One and HTC Desire featured stock Android and HTC Sense respectively.

We’ve already heard that a dual-core phone from Motorola is apparently the works and so we can believe that the next flagship Android phone would be a dual-core beast.

Alternatively it’s possible that the Galaxy 2 will be a totally separate phone and the Nexus S will instead, as was suggested by last week’s rumour, come with a single 1.2GHz processor. Either way, we’re happy that Samsung is working on dual-core devices.

Eldar also claims to have been playing with a Sony Ericsson Anzo which he says is “nice” but doesn’t fare well against the more advanced Galaxy 2. He says that it’s comparable to the already available HTC Desire HD (a good thing) but that it won’t be available until March 2011 (a not so good thing).

We’ve contacted Samsung and Sony Ericsson for further info and are waiting to hear back.

[Source: Twitter via Android and Me]


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