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Dungeon Scroll for Android = Countdown + RPG elements

If the thought of testing your spelling ability and vocabulary in a game isn’t already thrilling enough, then you might want to check out Dungeon Scroll. Available now for Android phones, Dungeon Scroll fuses a pretty basic spelling game with elements from D&D-style RPG games.

As you explore dungeons you come up against a range of terrifying creatures such as giant spiders, werebears and, er, horror squirrels.

You take these down by forming words from a random selection of letter tiles. Creating a word casts a spell, and the longer the word the more powerful the spell. Within a dungeon you can’t ‘cast’ the same word twice, so if you spot a seven letter word in your pile it’s best to save it for something like a dragon, rather than waste it on a low level critter.

Monsters have varying levels of HP, and some, like the giant turtles, can only be damaged by words longer than four letters. Your character also has an HP limit, which slowly depletes over time, so don’t dally when trying to think of words.

On the way between dungeons you can occasionally pick up power ups like 2 x damage, power letters (which do extra damage if you include them in a word) and refresh tiles which give you a fresh set of letters if you’ve been dealt with a useless hand in one dungeon. The Oracle tile also automatically suggests the biggest available word from your current set of tiles.

Dungeon Scroll is a pretty a simple game, essentially a basic spelling game with sword ‘n sorcery visuals planted on top. But we like the power ups and the levelling up aspect and there is something satisfying about messages like “You cast the spell “pies” for 300 damage.”

Dungeon Scroll costs Y162 which the Android Market is currently working out at £1.25.


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