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EE offers SIM-only 4G for a tenner a month

EE is now offering SIM-only 4G plans from £9.99 a month, one of the cheapest ways to bag yourself speedy LTE networking in the UK.

The new SIM-only plans are available in 30-day and 12-month flavours, and there are five different options to choose from, staring with a basic 250MB allowance and rising up to 10GB of data per month. Check out the table below for full details.

EE launches new SIM only 4G price plans for just £9.99 and upwards a month

These plans are set to be downgraded slightly come January 31st 2015, with the 2GB, 5GB and 10GB allowances dropping to 1GB, 3GB and 5GB for new customers. However, if you’re already on EE’s SIM-only plan by then, you’ll keep your original allowance.

EE’s 4G network now covers 75% of the UK population, with its ‘double-speed 4G’ active in 20 towns and cities.

We spoke with EE earlier this week and discovered that it’s bringing a new LTE-A version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to British soil in the immediate future. This and the other Cat 6-enabled smartphones you can already pick up should mean faster 4G for everyone, and here’s how.


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