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EE’s new shared 4GEE plans could make 4G more affordable

One bill to rule them all – that’s the idea behind EE’s upcoming shared mobile plans, the details of which were unveiled at a London event earlier today.

The only carrier with an active 4G network in the UK is well aware that it asks customers to pay top dollar for the privilege of reaching those heady 150Mbps Cat 4 LTE mobile data speeds, but it’s also aware that as a result of its high prices, many mobile customers prefer to stick to 3G and save some pennies, which is where the idea for shared plans comes into play.

4GEE shared plan info

Whilst each family member sporting an independent 4GEE contract would no doubt be a costly affair, the new shared plans pull one contract (and like we already said, one bill) across a maximum of five devices with a combined data limit of up to 20GB. The plan is tailored to suit three key user types: individuals with multiple connected devices, couples or families.

Whilst the main sharer foots the full bill, additional users can tack on a plan of their own from as little as £12 for a smartphone (£22 if the phone is 4G capable), £26 for a 4G capable tablet or just £5 for a SIM-only plan. Even with as an additional sharer, extra users still get all the same benefits as your average EE plan offers, like unlimited calls and texts, with the option of a music, gaming or TV add-on as standard.

As these plans work through a shared data allowance, the lead sharer doesn’t have to worry about having their data exhausted by one of the extra users, with specialised notifications when the limit is being approached.


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