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EE is the UK’s number one mobile network, says independent study

EE wins the title of the UK’s number one mobile network following the most recent study by RootMetrics.

If you’re an EE customer, put on your smug face, as your network has just been rated as the UK’s best mobile network by independant mobile performance analysts, RootMetrics.

The American company which began analysing the state of the UK’s mobile infrastructure in late 2012 has released several reports since its study began. These most recent results were drawn from a database of over 840,000 test samples evaluating mobile data, text and call reliability across the UK.

RootMetrics report

RootMetrics’ researchers drove some 23,000 miles throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland comparing network performance between the nation’s four leading mobile networks: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. For the most part it looks as though EE has won all the marbles in this latest evaluation, landing the number one spot in network performance and reliability, overall speed, mobile internet performance as well as call and text performance. So what about the runners up?

EE may be the national winner overall, but its reliability actually ranked joint 1st-place with Three, outside of England at least. Overall, Three came second in the runnings, followed by O2, with Vodafone trailing awkwardly at the back. Voda actually scored bottom across the five main areas of analysis save for mobile data speeds, where it outclassed Three.

RootMetrics network ranking

EE who’s been spending most of its time fleshing out its 4G network has already invested £1bn since its launch 18 months ago, building on T-Mobile and Orange’s existing infrastructure to bring super-fast connectivity to 70% of the UK and it hopes to reach the next 25% by investing a further £500 million over the coming months.

The network’s CEO, Olaf Swantee stated, “[EE’s latest success] is down to our ongoing investment in introducing 4G, increasing 3G capacity and upgrading 2G, while also spending hundreds of millions on phone call quality.”

What’s your perception of EE’s network? Are you getting the quality and reliability you expect from your carrier or could they be trying harder? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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