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eyeCan: Eye-motion mouse control

With tech streamlining our work-flow, entertaining and connecting us like never before, it’s refreshing to see what eyeCan brings to the table, showing off another facet to R&D and showing off a bit of heart within the Samsung work-force.

The some might say cheekily named eyeCan (iCan?) is, in a nutshell a mouse controlled by its user’s eyes. Positioned in-front of the eye on glasses and activated by eye movements and blink combinations, it has found its primary application on a boy with muscular atrophy of the spine. Unable to move his hands, he demos off the eyeCan with a game of Angry birds.

In addition to standard eye movements and blinking to click, left click, double click and right click are also supported as is drag and drop and scroll. Reminding us of a 3D interface patent from Apple earlier this month, with front facing cameras as standard on most high-end phones, eye movement readers could well be the next frontier in terms of UI interaction in mobile.

The project, based on EyeWriter by Mike Ebeling has thus far been headed up by a team of Samsung employees but impressed the Korean tech-giant so much, they’ve released the source-code for eyeCan so it can be built far and wide. Enjoy the video below and thanks to Sammy Hub for posting this mid-week-treat.



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