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Face2Face Hold’em turns your iPad into a poker table

There should be more integration with iPad and iPhone games, really. The main example we’ve seen so far is being able to play Scrabble using your iPad for the board, and your iPhone or iPod touch as a letter tray.

Face2Face Hold’em is a new game that aims to do a similar thing for poker. Your iPad is used as the poker table, while your iPhone or iPod touch is used to view your hand. But that’s not all – players can use any smartphone for their hand, since it doesn’t need to be an iOS device.

That element works via the mobile web, with players pointing their smartphone browser at developer Hubrious’ mobile site. The game works with two to six players, and uses No Limit Texas Hold’em for the rules.

Hubrious says it’s already working on updates, including Facebook connectivity, better artificial intelligence, and the option to play background music from your iPod library.

We’d still rather gather round a table and play with physical cards and chips, but there’s an undeniable geek thrill about the idea of replacing all this with iOS and other smartphone devices.


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