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Facebook for Android version 1.8.3 brings Timeline, instant notifications and battery drain to the party

The official Facebook for Android app is pretty darn good, getting updates frequently that arrive not long after new updates to the iOS version.

Facebook for Android 1.8.3 is available to download from the Android Market right now and it bring with it support for the new Timeline look (if you’ve got it on your main profile) and fast, near-instant notifications to the table. So the second someone likes your oh so hilarious share of a cat photo, your Android phone ought to chime with that familiar notification tone.

If, like us, you’ve got more than a few gadgets on your desk with Facebook access, the effect is a little disconcerting. We’re now constantly bombarded by a chorus line of chirruping phones and tablets.

General navigation of the app is now a little faster than it was before and the search function too has been given a tune up.

There is, however a downside to this latest update. People in the comments on the Android Market page have been pretty vocal about the battery performance and the size of the file.

Battery life is something we’ve experienced ourselves after we updated. So unless, like us, you’ve got a black belt in Android battery management, and your phone’s battery is already pretty flimsy, we’d counsel to keep your distance until version 1.8.4 (or any version that’s less of a battery hog) hits the Market.

As for the size, since we updated our Nexus One to the most recent version, the total app size now stands at 11.42MB. Fine if you’ve got plenty of room but if you’ve not then tough luck – Facebook for Android doesn’t allow you to install to the SD card. 


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