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Facebook Messenger app lands in UK

Joyous news, social networkers: Facebook’s answer to BlackBerry Messenger is now available in the UK for Android and iOS devices.

Simply called Messenger, the app lets mobile users connect with their Facebook friends while on the move for IM-style chatting. The pull of Messenger over similar instant messaging apps? Messenger syncs with your Facebook contacts list and adds names automatically, sparing Facebookers the trial of collecting everyone’s individual contact details, à la BBM.

Once launched, the app takes users to a lookalike of their regular Facebook inbox, with all their messages and previous conversations pre-loaded. Just like the recently-updated regular Facebook messaging system, offline contacts can still be sent messages, and in a self-conscious nod to Google+ the app also allows for group chatting. Messenger also works across devices, letting users tapping away on their smartphones keep in contact with those on computers or tablets.

Our only query? Avid texters though we are, we’re not sold on the idea of pecking out long IM conversations on a smartphone keyboard. Call us fusty, call us luddites, but isn’t there a more obvious and traditional way for two people with mobile phones to keep in touch?

Messenger is available in the App Store and on the Android Market now for free.


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