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FaceTime on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4: Face/Off

The inclusion of dual-cameras on the iPad 2 means you can now enjoy multiple FaceTime action across different devices. We’ve been playing about with the application all afternoon, testing calls between Mac, iPhone 4 and even iPad 2 to iPad 2.

But instead of being boring and just testing out videocalling, we decided to indulge in some FaceSwap action as well. FaceSwapping is the new wipe swapping, only more fun, less time consuming and less emotional fallout. Everyone will be doing it this summer, trust us.

Though you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use FaceTime, in order to FaceSwap, both of you will need to be in the same room.

FaceSwapping was partially inspired by our favourite He-Man character Man-E-Faces. You can see a video review of a Man-E-Faces action figure here. When you’re done, be sure to check back here for some FaceSwap stupidity.

Two iPad 2’s in the same room allows for some FaceTime faceswappage.

Tom steals my face

FaceTime with iPad 2 to iPad 2

The improvement in call quality between Mac and iPad 2 is pretty visible here.

The iPhone 4 doesn’t fair badly up against the iPad 2.


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