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Figures show decent Windows Phone 7 sales.

WP7 is slowly catching up with the current major players in mobile manufacture according to survey results taken by US research company NPD.

The mobile OS managed to take two percent of American smartphone sales in the last quarter of 2010. The sales match up with that of HP Palm’s WebOS, which given that WP7 launched halfway through the quarter show how rapidly Microsoft new OS is growing.

Android still holds a massive amount of the market with 53 percent of sales, with Apple and RIM at 19.

WP7 is going to have to up the ante however if it intends to really recapture lost ground against the mobile big boys. The register has reported that despite the 2 percent sales, age old Windows Mobile 6 managed 4 in the same quarter.

Microsoft succeeded in re-inventing its mobile operating system with WP7, the old order however seems fixated on a far more clunky Windows Mobile. Businesses that still use Microsoft’s old OS are likely to be responsible for the sales last quarter. Once Microsoft manages to establish WP7 as the smartphone OS with the same sense of cool as iOS or Android, things might look better.


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