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Final Fantasy 8’s Triple Triad game gets an Android port

As with the Unity port of Portal for Android which we’re still drooling over, a link to this little nugget landed in our inbox. Though not quite on the same epic scale as the Portal story, this Triple Triad app tugged our nostalgia glands enough for us to want to share it.

Though the Triple Triad beta is based on the mini-game from Final Fantasy 8, there’s characters and enemies from all throughout the Final Fantasy canon. There’s Sephiroth and Yuna from Final Fantasies 7 and 10 as well as FF mainstays like Tonberry, Cactuar and those perma-grinning Bombs.

Best of all, if you and a friend can connect to the same Wi-Fi point you can play each other at a game of Triple Triad using your respective decks. Cards can be won or lost during PvP matches (just like in the real game!) which makes a change from playing against predictable CPU opponents.

As simple matching card game that’ll be familiar to players of Final Fantasy 8, the idea is that you place square cards with different numbered values into a 3×3 grid, with higher numbers flipping adjacent cards. Whoever has flipped the most cards by the time the grid is full is the winner.

As more and more NFC-enabled Android phones appear we’d like to see the ability to initiate games and trade cards using a tap-to-play/share feature. Not just on Triple Triad but on other games too. If only Nintendo would deign to embrace mobile gaming, they’d make an absolute killing with a Pokemon card game…

While not the product of Square Enix and therefore unofficial, we think that this is worth a look for any discerning Final Fantasy fan. The game is a beta at the moment, so don’t expect it to work perfectly all of the time. That said, we only noticed it FC’ing once during a PvP match.

Thanks to Andy for the tip!


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