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Final Fantasy III coming to iPhone

We had Final Fantasy I, then its sequel, and this week Japanese gaming mag, V Jump, have announced that Square-Enix will be bringing the third adventure to an iPhone near you.

No date visible in that tiny screen shot- but Square-Enix have propped up a splash page, replete with lilting harp melody, telling us it’s coming soon- next month in fact.

Now whether it’ll be the retro-tastic NES version, or the renovated Nintendo DS version we’ll be playing, we don’t know. But the simple, menu-based battles and exploration should lend itself well to the iPhone. We’re still happily working our way through Final Fantasy II.

We also rated the iPhone port of Secret of Mana. Now, if they could just speed up this porting business, we could be playing Final Fantasy VII within six months…

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, a separate branch of the FF franchise is also set for an iPhone release in the coming months.

Source: Joystiq 




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