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First Direct launches Banking On The Go iPhone app

UK bank First Direct has launched an iPhone app, called Banking On The Go. It offers… well, the clue is in the name, if I’m honest. It went live on the App Store yesterday.

The app is focused on key banking tasks. You can view balances and your last 20 transactions, make transfers between your accounts, and make payments to existing people or organisations – i.e. bills and personal transfers, but only if you’ve already paid them online or via First Direct’s phone banking service.

It’s not the first banking app here in the UK: NatWest got in earlier, for example. Still, as a First Direct customer, I’m chuffed: version 1.0.0 of the app is great for the simple things. Here’s hoping future updates bring in some of the whizzier features seen in US banking apps – like the ability to take a photo of a cheque to pay it in.

By the way, if you’re wondering, that’s the sample screenshot on the App Store, not my accounts. I can only dream of a Joint 1st Account that bulging…


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