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First new iPad advert emerges

The new Apple iPad, announced last night has just had its first television advert unveiled and it’s predictably light, bouncy and in its entirety centres around the new retina display. Simply dubbed the new iPad, the tablet will feature a 2048×1536 display in contrast to the old iPad’s 1024×768 display. With double the resolution of its predecessor it’s little wonder that Apple are focusing so heavily on it.

Watching the advert, Apple lay off technical specs and talk about what happens “when a screen becomes this good”. Starting with photos, the ubiquitous pinch-zoom is shown off as is editing, with the famous Apple finger simply swiping up and increasing saturation as if by magic. 

The attention then focuses on text with iBook in the background and narration describing words on pages as pin-sharp. A video of the Pixar film Up is then shown off with hundreds of saturated balloons exploding out of a house and quickly cuts to a painting application. Ending on an emotional note, “it’s simply you and the things you care about on the new, iPad”, it’s clear that yesterdays press conference was about specs, but marketing is firmly place in sentiment.


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