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Five mobile phone adverts that make us go lol! and huh?

Mobile network operators have a knack for hiring the oddest and most creative ad agencies. We’ve put together a list of five mobile adverts that confuse and delight us. From jellyfish in Japan to the Orange advert that never was, we hope you enjoy this eclectic collection of commercials. Let us know if we missed any classics and we’ll be happy to add them.

3 – Jellyfish in Japan
Everyone remembers this advert, right? Two Japanese cowboys drag a giant jellyfish back to their flat and dance with it. WTF.


Virgin Mobile – Chrismahanukwanzakah
If you thought the 3 jellyfish ad was odd then behold the Virgin Mobile Chrismahanukwanzakah ad, which combines religion, animals and a girl dressed up as a phone.


T-Mobile – Hugger
There isn’t enough hugging in adverts, which is why we were glad to see T-Mobile literally embrace hugging in this funny ad.


Vodafone – If I ruled the world
We would love to have been a fly on the wall when the ad agency who came up with this pitched it to Vodafone. Teenager lip-syncs Tom Jones. Right…


Love in Orange – The ad that should have been
This is brilliant. It’s not an ad but it should be. It’s an animated version of Justin Billingsley, the new head of advertising in Orange, speaking at in-house conference.



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