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Flight Control touches down in Android Market

Flight Control has finally arrived at Terminal 1 of the Android Market. The addictive air traffic management puzzler sees you having to direct a variety of aircraft to their respective coloured landing strips and helipads.

You do this by drawing a line between incoming aircraft and their designated landing area. Sounds simple enough but as the air traffic builds up, things start to get tense. As soon as two aircraft collide, it’s game over.

Like all runaway (runway?) puzzler hits, Flight Controller is a lot more addictive than it sounds on paper. Spend a couple of minutes playing and you’ll be hooked. Even Demi Moore’s a self-confessed addict; do you need any more endorsement than that?

Flight Control is essentially a points racking game – it’s all about getting the highest score possible. But to keep things interesting, there’s 5 different levels, plus a whole load of achievements like Perfect Timing (land 3 aircraft at once) and Rush Hour (land 7 aircraft in 12 seconds).

It’s going to be hard to pick a clear winner for this months’ Best Time Wasting App/Game for Android between this and the recently released Words With Friends.

Flight Control for Android costs $4.99 which currently works out at around £3.07 in UK money. To get a feel for the game before you hand over the ackers, you can download a free version from the Market as well.

The full version of Flight Control weights in at 23.13MB – if this is above the weight limit for your phone’s memory you might want to consider deleting some old stuff as there’s currently no install to SD option for 2.2+ users.


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