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Footy Sims get the Kairosoft touch: Pocket League Story

They’ve done game dev, hot springs and the grand prix; the next random step was bound to be footie management. Seems just as arbitrary.

Yes, you’ll now take control of your own football club, taking them from kick-around minnows to Champion’s League titans.

Along the way, expect to promote your team to fans, upgrade your training facilities, grab new talent and sponsorship deals. You’ll work your way up the local leagues, whilst also entering regional and and international cup competitions.

Control in the middle of matches is limited – it all depends on your character’s stats – but you can choose to play through long passes, dribbling, or a mix of the two. You can also adjust tactics before and at half-time, focusing on defense or offence, and changing your formation. Each coach (who you hire) will have their own special formation to teach – learn them all for an end of game bonus.

Expect the usual Kairosoft charm, with plenty of celebrating staff and oddball characters; we had a ninja and bear in our team at one point,  and our team sponsor was a goose. No, we’re not too sure either. One niggle; you won’t be able to speed up the game speed until you’ve completed it once. Those matches can sometimes get a bit dull.


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