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Kindle Fire owners will soon receive £4 worth of Amazon Coins for free

Amazon wants to dominate your entire life. All your shopping needs and all your media wants are the company’s primary focus so far, but it even has a stake in the virtual currency game. Amazon Coins can only be redeemed through Amazon (naturally), so normally they wouldn’t be of interest, but the company is giving away 400 free coins – worth £4 – to anyone in the UK with a Kindle Fire.

There really isn’t much incentive right now to use Amazon Coins over a normal credit or debit card, but free money is free money, even if it is imaginary. Amazon says that the coins can be redeemed for any apps, games, or in-app purchases on the KIndle Fire. The coins will be deposited in accounts starting from today, so keep an eye on your balance if you own one of Amazon’s tablets.


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