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FreedomPop bringing free SIM-only deal to the UK

Freedom isn’t free – or is it? FreedomPop is bringing free calls, texts and  data to the UK this summer. 

The US-based virtual network will use Three’s network and will offer customers an entry-level SIM-only package which gives you 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data for the grand monthly price of nothing, nada, zip, zilch. 

FreedomPop’s freebie package also offers free unlimited calls and texts to other FreedomPop users as well as free international calling to over 60 countries, making it one of the best entry-level packages on the market. 

Seeing as we Brits are naturally cynical people, the most obvious question is ‘how can FreedomPop offer this services for free?’ and the answer is pretty simple: they’re working on the basis that most people will want a little bit more. 

That 200MB data cap isn’t going to suffice if you watch YouTube and routinely upload pictures to Instagram. 200 minutes of voice calls might not be enough for chatty customers either, and that’s where the company’s other SIM-only plans come in. 

FreedomPop isn’t revealing how much it’s going to charge customers, but promises that prices will be well below the market average. 

While the company state on their UK site that ‘Free is really Free, no gimmicks or games’ it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions to see what the score is regarding out of bundle charges. 

When the details of FreedomPop’s plans become available, we’ll go through the small print with a toothcomb. If you’re keen to see what FreedomPop has to offer, you can head over to the company’s site now and register your interest in their beta program, which is due to launch in the summer.

TalkTalk recently launched a £12/month SIM-only deal that gives users unlimited everything – calls, texts and data – but doesn’t include 4G data or WiFI tethering. We’ll be interested to see if FreedomPop launches an unlimited data plan and how it stacks up against the competition




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