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Fujitsu to release handsets in Europe

Fujitsu look set to release smartphones outside their native Japan according to the latest word over at Mashable. This follows Fujitsu stating that they would be selling devices in the U.S by 2013. With both Android and Windows Phone handsets, no indication as to whether Fujitsu planned on exporting both OSs or just one has been revealed.

We had a chance to try one of Fujitsu’s Android handset, the Arrow F-07D which made waves over at CES 2012 being the thinnest smartphone on show second to the Huawei Ascend P1 S. On top of its slinky dimensions, the F-07D also boasts a Gorilla Glass display and water resistant chassis making it a unique proposition in the slender phone category and one that could potentially thrive in our wet country.

As for their Windows Phone offering, Fujitsu have the IS12T under their belt. It’s not only the skinniest Windows Phone device on market, but it also packs a 13.2-megapixel camera on board. Offering a range of colours and a quirky style, it’s clear that Fujitsu’s fresh take on mobile would inject some life into the UK market.


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