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Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7: Samsung’s best 2016 phones compared

We compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S7, two of Samsung’s most premium 2016 phones, to see how they stack up in terms of specs, design, performance, battery life, camera tech and other features. Here’s our full Note 7 vs S7 review.

Samsung is on a bit of a roll in 2016. So far we’ve had the brilliant Galaxy S7 flagship phone, which gave us the best smartphone camera of the year. And now we’ve got the Galaxy Note 7, an even bigger, even better handset that packs in even more brilliant features – as well as the best bits of the S7.

So, how does the Note 7 compare with the S7, and which Samsung phone is best for you? Is the Note 7 really worth that extra £200?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: At a glance

Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Galaxy S7
Weight 169g 152g
Screen size 5.7-inches 5.1-inches
Screen resolution 2560×1440 Quad HD 2560×1440 Quad HD
Water resistant? Yes Yes
Security Fingerprint sensor, iris scanner Fingerprint sensor
Processor Snapdragon 820/Exynos Snapdragon 820/Exynos
Memory 4GB 4GB
Storage 64GB 32/64GB
MicroSD? Yes Yes
Battery 3500mAh 3000mAh
Cameras 12MP + 5MP 12MP + 5MP
Price £700 £500

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Which is best?

The most obvious immediate difference between the S7 and the Note 7 is their dimensions. While the S7 is quite compact compared with many recent mobiles at just 5.1-inches, the Note 7 is a total beast with a 5.7-inch screen. That means the Note 7 is much taller and a bit wider than the S7.

However, Samsung really has impressed us with the design of its Note phablet. The screen stretches from one edge to the next, meaning it’s surprisingly narrow and quite easy to clutch. You’ll still struggle to use it with just one mitt, but thankfully Samsung has added a one-handed mode which squashes the screen to make things easier.

The Note 7 is as gorgeous as the Galaxy S7 too, although that glossy rear scuffs up rather easily just the same. And both handsets are also water resistant, so you can dunk them in the bath or drop them in the toilet and they should survive just fine.

Both phones boast a super-sharp Quad HD screen, and they’re Super AMOLED panels which makes for really punchy colours. However, the Note 7 not only has the advantage when it comes to screen size. It’s also the only phone to support HDR video, which means you can enjoy enhanced contrast when streaming HDR movies and shows.

If you want smooth performance, either handset here will impress with a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos processor backed by 4GB of RAM. We found we could happily multi-task with both mobiles, with only the odd stutter. As for battery life, the S7’s 3000mAh battery gives a similar result to the Note 7’s 3500mAh cell as it has a smaller screen to power. You can expect a day of life between charges from either phone, if you pound them heavily.

Both the Note 7 and the Galaxy S7 pack the same great camera tech, and we’re not surprised that Samsung didn’t change things up for the Note. After all, the S7’s camera is still the best snapper of 2016. Check out our Note 7 camera review and Galaxy S7 camera review for photo and video samples.

The Note 7 wins for security features though, packing in an iris scanner as well as a fingerprint sensor. And of course one of the major benefits of the Note 7 is that excellent S Pen stylus, which affords precise input for sketches and document editing. Take a look at our Note 7 features guide for more info.

A big thanks to Carphone Warehouse for the Galaxy S7 review sample.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Video

Check out our full Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7 comparison review video below.


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