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Gameloft announce 11 titles for BlackBerry 10

With RIM currently strutting their stuff at BlackBerry World in Florida, we’ve received the first taste of what lies in store for their new mobile OS, BlackBerry 10. Although the development device that appeared alongside the keynote is running some half-boiled blend of the OS, the final result should be something to behold, and a major departure from the BlackBerrys of old.

Eager to land themselves in a strong position for the launch of BlackBerry 10, Gameloft are the first to announce that 11 of their most popular titles will be coming to RIMs first BlackBerry 10 device, when it eventually launches later this year.

N.O.V.A. 3 trailers screenshot

The lineup will include the likes of Ice Age Village, Shark Dash and hotly anticipated iOS and Android shooter N.O.V.A. 3. Prices across these 11 games will range from freemium to around $6.99 (expect equivalent pricing in the region of £4.99). Gameloft have explained that all of these titles were rebuilt for BlackBerry 10 using the native SDK and as such, are able to utilise some unique features of BB10, such as the social gaming tool, Scoreloop.

“The BlackBerry 10 platform allows game developers to deliver a high performance mobile gaming experience for customers,” said Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances & Business Development at RIM.

RIM are no doubt ecstatic that such a partnership with Gameloft is already in place, as marketing BlackBerry 10 as a versatile platform will be an important strength for it to possess in a market where mobile gaming apps were brought to the fore by iOS and the most capable gaming hardware currently resides within Android devices.


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