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Gameloft announce the Dark Knight Rises for Android, iPhone and iPad

Publishers Gameloft are bringing a dose of the Dark Knight to Android devices, iPhones and iPads this summer, in the form of the Dark Knight Rises mobile game. A newly released trailer shows off the upcoming releases first digital debut and this will in fact be the only movie tie-in title announced.

You play as the caped crusader in the Nolan brothers’ interpretation of the Batman universe. With details on the feature film still sparse on the ground, we can assume this new game loosely follows the plot of the third and final instalment of the Bale Batman trilogy, featuring Bane as the game’s antagonist.

As you can see the primary fighting mechanic is fists first, ask questions later, but based on the recent successes experienced by the Batman console titles, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, our guess is, the implementation of Batman’s extensive gadget and vehicle collection will feature as well as a number of other iconic villains from the series.

Gameloft have also confirmed to us that this will be an open world game, presumably allowing players to explore from the alleys and sewers to the rooftops of Gotham city as you fight to save the general populous. Beyond a summer release, this is all the information we could press Gameloft for, but based on the fact they’ve worked closely alongside Warner Brothers within its development, it should be an accurate, exciting representation of the Dark Knight’s struggle.


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