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Get a free LG or Sony phone…uh, if you’re called Theon or Arya

Three’s latest offer in honour of the fifth season of Game of Thrones offers a free LG G3 or Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, to customers named after two of the recurring characters. So, about 0.000001% of the British population.

If your name is Theon, you’ve probably gone through life taking a fair bit of stick from schoolkids and work colleagues. But you’re about to have the last laugh, as you can wander into a Three store in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff or Glasgow from tomorrow and bag yourself a free G3 or Z3 Compact – two of our favourite phones of 2014. 

Related: Game of Thrones kicks off on Sky Atlantic on April 13Sadly, if you’re enough of a fanboy to call your kid Arya or Theon, you can’t just drag your offspring into a participating store and claim your free blower. The rules state that you need to be over 18 to qualify.

You’ll also need to loudly and proudly announced ‘I’ve played the game of phones’ to a bemused member of staff, while flourishing your photo ID.

Oh, and you also have to be the first person with that monicker to dash into your chosen store, which let’s face it is pretty bloody likely.

We had a quick check on LinkedIn and only managed to find five Aryas here in the UK, plus a single Theon, who unfortunately lives in Luton. Better jump on a train to get your free phone, mate.

Update: We’ve since been made aware of the existence of one Theon Cross, a tuba player from London. Hey Theon! You can get a free phone! 


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