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GetJar Gold: Over 100 free Android apps including Loky, Samurai II: Vengeance and Paper Camera

GetJar has gone one better than Google’s 10 billion promo; the independent app store has applied a 100 per cent discount to over a hundred premium Android apps and games downloaded via its Get Jar Gold app.

Apps include Recombu favourites Samurai II: Vengeance, Loky and Paper Camera, other popular titles like Age of Zombies and Muffin Knight, there’s customisation and utility apps like Beautiful Widgets and Convertor Pro as well.

You can browse the full list of titles on GetJar’s interesting side-scrolling promo page here, where you can click on a letter and browse titles alphabetically.

Alternatively, you can see what’s going for nowt on the regular GetJar Gold page. Heading over to on your Android phone’s browser will prompt you to download the app through which you’ll be able to access all of the freebies.

There’s no indication when this promotion will end (besides the end of December…) but we’d advise to get everything you can while they’re still hot, so to speak.

Thanks to everyone whosent this in!


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