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Google Docs for Android now allows for offline access, Google Gears style

Google has updated its Docs for Android app, allowing you to now mark documents for offline access.

Selecting the ‘make available offline’ option from a long-press activated menu in your Docs list will do just that – allow you to carry on working away offline.

So if you’re tapping out some notes on your Android phone or tablet when you head into a no signal zone, (i.e. your train is heading underground) or 3G signal in your area intermittently drops (it happens), then you’re covered.

When your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi your offline files will automatically be updated every few hours. Any manual changes or saves you make when connected, via cellular or Wi-Fi will of course be saved as normal – Google hasn’t enabled auto updates for when not connected to Wi-Fi so as not to potentially rinse your data plan.

Google Docs for Android now also supports a high resolution viewing mode for Android tablets. You can swipe left and light through pages in Docs as if it were an ebook, or use the slider to navigate pages (see the image below).

We’re already pretty enamoured with the Asus Eee Pad Transfomer Prime (like, five stars enamoured) and this update is just going to make us love it even more.

Google Docs is free to download from the Android Market and if you’ve already got it, check your phone or tablet now for the new update.

Fans of Google Gears, who enjoyed being able to access online files when offline might also find this latest update salves their broken hearts – we shed a tear when we learned that Gears was for the high jump late last year.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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