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Google Docs for mobile gets revamped, allows for easier sharing and searching

Google Docs for mobile has just been revamped, making it a bit More Like The Real Thing.

Crucially, you can now share your docs in the same way as you’d do from your desktop browser; tap on a document in the list and then tap the ‘Share’ option which pops up.

This will allow you to send documents to other people who you want to collaborate on something with.

You can also send the link to share, or email docs as attachments. Attachments can be sent as HTML, PDFs, RTF and Plain Text formats as well as Microsoft Word docs and Open Documents.

Though you can share documents through the Google Docs for Android app, you can’t email people attachments in the same way.

Then again, the Google Docs app allows you to do nifty stuff like scan text directly from books and real-life documents.

It’s now also easier to sift through your articles; you can choose to sort by name, last modified/last opened docs, as well as by those you’ve starred, collections, docs owned by you or by document type.

When you go to on your phone like normal you’ll now see a couple of changes. The ‘Sort’ and ‘Narrow by’ tabs allow you to organise your docs with greater ease.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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