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Google Glass will live again in 2015

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Google is planning to bring Glass back in 2015, along with an upgraded Intel architecture.

Just last week, we pondered over whether Google Glass had run its course after the search giant began closing retail stores dedicated to the technology and high-profile companies began nixing support for the system. However, it seems that Google’s iconic AR tech is far from finished…

Things hadn’t been going too well for the current iteration of Google Glass, with its discriminating price tag and lacklustre performance beginning to chip away at people’s enthusiasm. However, a recent RAM upgrade and the expansion to include prescription lenses went a good distance to renewing people’s interest.

Now, Google is reportedly planning on upping the ante even further, by bringing out a new model of Google Glass powered by an Intel processor that will likely prolong battery life whilst also delivering more power.

It’s not yet known what Intel technology will be used when the device is reworked, but the current belief is that it will make use of the same low-power chip that runs the Intel MICA bracelet.

Google Glass has been around for a while and people have openly wondered when it would finally become a true consumer product. Perhaps the inclusion of new, power-friendly technology and the removal of arguably its biggest issue, its high price, will finally see the device make the jump to the mainstream?

What’s more likely is that initially we’ll see a much more enterprise-driven Google Glass. The WSJ report suggests that Intel is keen to bring the device to the workplace, with ‘hospital networks and manufacturers’ high up on their list of potential users.

Whatever happens though, Google Glass appears to be here to stay.


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