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Google+ lands on iPad and iPod Touch

Google’s stab at its own social network, Google+, is now available on iPad and iPod Touch as part of an iOS update, a long with a new and updated version of the service for iPhone.

Lead project manager for Google+, Punit Soni, made the announcement yesterday via his own Google+ account, wishing us a happy Monday and saying “To help fight off any start-of-the-work-week blues, a new version of our Google+ iPhone app will be rolling out in the Appstore over the next few hours.”

As part of the announcement, Google also put out a YouTube video (see below) walking users through the app’s new features, which bring the iOS version more in line with that enjoyed by users on the service’s native Android OS. Apple users will now be able to view specific circles in their stream, and specify which other Google+ users are able to “huddle” with them. Tagging other users in posts has also been made easier, as has hiding conversations in your conversation list from prying eyes.

Also teased in the video is a “secret way to bring up the stream selection setting menu”, which Google reckons we can “have fun hunting for”. You know, if you’re into that.

Google+ Update: iOS app release August 8th

Via: Google Plus


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