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Google Nexus Prime: Made by Samsung, Android ICS and a Super AMOLED HD display?

More rumours on the the next generation of official Google-branded hardware, and it suggests that the rumoured Nexus Prime will see a release date sometime in October, citing that Samsung had began ordering in parts for the new phone.

That’s according to Korean news-site, ET News, which also suggests specifications that match those of the recent Samsung phone road-map leak.

Naturally, it looks to be a bit of a technical marvel; it’ll allegedly have a full HD display, running at a resolution of 1280×720 and a whopping 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

It’s a Samsung, and that’ll mean the 4.5-inch screen will be a Super AMOLED display – something that was previously hinted by one of Samsung’s official Twitter feeds, then withdrawn.

Samsung could be a surprising choice to make the new Nexus model, despite making the previous Nexus S. The original Nexus one was made by HTC. Generally, Google have aimed to share the Nexus love, but after Google’s recent purchase of Motorola, many thought Google may favour the US phone giant with a Nexus model.

Google added soon after announcing the purchase that Motorola would still be operated as a separate company, and “they will be part of that bidding process” to work alongside Google engineers on Nexus projects.

Via: Unwired View

Source: ETNews


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